A Delightful Day Despite That Insomnia

I breakfasted at 4am Saturday morning because I couldn't sleep and by 4am, it seemed like the best thing to be doing.

I had spent the wakeful hours catching up on some of the emails I owe.  I had read, tried to quiet my busy little mind but, in the end, it became about breakfast . 

2 pieces of toast with peach jam, a Voluto Nespresso and voila, I slept ... until 10am.

2.30pm and I was out on my bike, navigating new city streets here, heading out on a photography shoot.  And it was one of those photography sessions where the children were divine, the dog made me smile, and Jayne ... well she poured me a glass of white wine when I was done.

A lovely way to spend a day really. 

I'm rapt with the results and hope all those involved are too.  Here's one ... a simple shot that needs no permissions to post. 

It's 11.21pm as I work away here.  Smiling like a maniac.  So happy about my today.