Le Bout Du Monde ... the end of the world

Truly, 'the end of the world' is the name of this exquisite little place, tucked away in the hills behind Nolay, Bourgogne.  Gert thought it would be an idea to stand behind the waterfall to give a sense of scale.  I agreed but didn't volunteer myself.

The lovely thing is that I am finding New Zealand landscapes all over France.  We moved locations today... closer to the mountains between France and Italy.  As I sit here, I'm looking out over fields, over the alps, covered in bush as most of the snow is gone.  There's a log fire burning next to me.

Log fire because after a day of 27 celsius some thunderstorms are rolling in for 24 hours. It just might be spectacular out here, at least until the summer sun returns tomorrow. I'm glad. I either have a stinkin' cold or terrible hayfever.  I'm not a creature who likes taking any kind of medication and so the suffering has been quite intense ... perhaps more so for Gert but he doesn't have a blog and so ... you can't know ;-)

Meanwhile I am rereading the essay at the start of Hermann Hesse's book, 'The Glassbead Game' ... noting that his character Fritz Tegularius is his interpretation of the brilliant but unbalanced character of Friedrich Nietzsche and that Thomas von der Trave is a detailed and easily recognisable portrait of Thomas Mann.

Vive la France!