The Parapenting Blokes Next Door.

Gert and I were out on the terrace, here in Doussard, enjoying the last of the day and watching the light change on the mountains in front of us when a parapenter landed out there in the field.

It happened too fast.  I missed photographing him landing.

A little bit later and I realised another guy was about to land.  This resulted in a bit of a Di Frenzy.  I gifted Gert my dessert (threw it his way really), grabbed my camera, ran to the fence and asked the blokes on the other side if they thought their friend would mind if I photographed him landing ...

Why ask them you might well wonder.

Well, they had walkie-talkies and the first parapent bloke had wandered over to their backyard after landing.

Bemused, I suspect, they said they thought it would be fine.

Two more came down afterwards.  Lured, I was told, by the fact that the beer and the BBQ was set up out there.