Love Notes from Sahara

An old ice cream container appeared behind me, outside my office window, yesterday.  It was hanging from a long thin piece of green string.  Little Miss 8 casually asked me if I had noticed that there was 'something' out there.

I looked and found a little love note that had come from the kidlet who lives above me and I replied, then called out to let her know that she had mail too.  She hauled it and and so it continued till bedtime. 

The notes from upstairs always come with small gifts.  A piece of costume jewellery, a perfume-soaked piece of cloth, and there is always another note.

I sent up a beautiful cockle shell from my desk and then later, as a grand finale, a glue stick.  This morning she came down to breakfast bemused ... 'You sent me a glue stick?

I did.  Was there a problem, I thought you could maybe use one up there in your room?

This morning, to lure her back upstairs to clean her room, I announced there was mail, having loaded two pieces of green chewing gum and a horse picture to colour into the 'basket'.

I wonder how things will proceed today but I think I'd best take this seriously ... no more glue sticks, for sure.

I photographed the note using the camera in my new phone.  I am cautiously adjusting to the touchscreen and all the other wonders of mobile phones in the 21st century. 

Sunshine and the promise of 16 celsius by Saturday.

Good morning.