The Sun Shone and There Was No Snow!!!

We hit 5 celsius today, with so much sun and a breeze for the laundry too. 

And I opened the windows here this afternoon and pulled my bedroom/office to pieces ... dusting, vacuuming, mopping, stream-lining because cabin-fever is a strange and terrible monster and must be fought with diligence and much application of energy.

Everyone is struggling here.  Snow at this time of year hasn't happened since the 1880s.

So here I am, fighting to get underway and on with life again.  I have been hermit-like for weeks.  No trips planned until June and August ... and that has to change.  I'm hungry for long walks and good coffee.  Perhaps there is a way to reach Genova before June.

One my marvellous nieces photographed me while I was home.  I recognised my technique in her.  She stalked me until I gave in and let her photograph me. 

I miss the woman in this photograph.  She was driving, adventuring, moving, living ... breathing good air, talking everyday with some of the friendliest people you could hope to meet in the world.  She was home in a place she hadn't been in 8 years.

Now to make her reappear here.