This Morning in Rijeka

One of things I love best when I travel is developing a sense of ease and familiarity in each new place and so, when Julie woke with a headcold this morning and I woke with a desire for a good espresso, we agreed I should coffee and she should drink her tea and wake slowly.

It's a crispy autumn morning here in Rijeka, tons of sunshine ... I needed my jacket and scarf.  We're right on the sea here, so the air is clear.

We have a favourite cafe here in the city.  Just below us, on the Korso, and we love it for all kinds of reasons. The espresso is superb, the food is good too, and the staff are friendly and speak impeccable English.  I would recommend the Filodrammatica Bookshop Caffe here in Rijeka without resevation.

Sitting there in the sun watching the world go by got rid of the last of yesterday's headache.  And a good night's sleep did the rest.  We're off to Budapest today, with me still feeling a little like Alice, that girl who fell down a rabbit hole and into Wonderland.

But first ... we must find out how to rescue the car from the carpark we left it in.  There's the small matter of a lost carparking ticket.  Here's to it ending well.