What you would do if money were no object ...

Life really begins when you have discovered that you can do anything you want.

Amelia Earhart.

I needed to share this with you: 'In 1949, career counselor William J. Reilly penned How To Avoid Work  — a short guide to finding your purpose and doing what you love. Despite the occasional vintage self-helpism of the tone, the book is remarkable for many reasons — written at the dawn of the American corporate era and the golden age of the housewife, it not only encouraged people of all ages to pursue their passions over conventional, safe occupations, but it also spoke to both men and women with equal regard.

The rest of this interesting post can be found over on Brainpickings.org - a site full of interesting stuff.  It's worth checking out.  Inspirational even.

Oddly enough, this popped up just as I was writing this post and so I'm adding it. Casey Neistat and his idea that 'When nothing's for sure, anything can happen.'

I know.