Amai!!! as the Flemish would say.

I have a new screen for my laptop !

It sits here, next to my trusty and much-loved 14 inch laptop screen ... dwarfing it, at 22 inches.

How have I suvived until now???

Gert talked me into the screen. 

Me, the sometimes wandering woman, who doesn't want to load herself down with or even get used to a mouse ... I just make do with my laptop's touchpad thingy.  It drives others crazy when they borrow my laptop.

Sigh.  I'm already in love with this massive screen.   5 minutes after test-driving it.

My photographs ... they look so damn good on the big screen.

Hmmm, I need to think how I can incorporate this into my wandering life.  Milan ground staff already give me trouble when they weigh my equipment hand-luggage.  The same hand-luggage I fly to Italy with is too heavy toleave with.  A 22 inch screen ... and maybe even I wouldn't dare to be outraged about that.

Mutter mutter, I shall have to practice driving on the wrong side of the road, and work on being far more aggressive.  I'll drive to Italy from now on ... shan't I.

Bliss... problems problems but BLISS.