The books I am Reading ...

As always, I am reading more than one book.

The book that is all but making me melt with pleasure is titled, Waiting for Robert Capa.  It's by Susana Fortes and I love it.  I would rate her poetic prose as highly as Anne Michaels writing. I loved her book Fugitive Pieces ... in terms of beautiful writing.  Actually, I loved Anne's poetry too.

I am also reading an old favourite, in terms of author.  William Dalrymple's, Nine Lives, is a most delightful series of travel stories that I am biting into whenever I want something different.  I love his writing and have done since first reading In Xanadu, forever ago.

And then, I am also working through The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte. 

Each of them have their own wisdoms, their own electricity, their own beauty.

Oh yes, and I'm writing a book, here in Genova.  Did I tell you?  I'm sure I did.  Piano, piano ...