And I hit the ground running ...

Summer has arrived in Belgium these last few days although another huge drop in temperature has been predicted for Wednesday. 

Maybe the list of things, those things that urgently needed my attention upon my return,  is almost under control ... at one level anyway.

Now, it's back to the book, back to some long overdue photo-processing, and back to working out how to go forward with my work while juggling Miss 7 who has most of this week off.

My life is often feels like I'm organising a daily experimental fruit smoothie drink.  Some days,  I get the mix of new tastes so right.  Other days, it's a complete disaster.  I just can't resist trying to push too many different things into the mix.

Today was a disaster that left me wishing I was back in Genova again.  Out at Boccadasse, communing with this very zen Mr Pigeon.