On Holiday ...

I have trouble stopping.  I mean, I don't really know how to stop and relax.  For me life is about the stories, the journeys, the experiences.

When I go on 'holiday', life becomes a bit of an avalanche of new places, new people, new stories.  And so it has been with this trip to New Zealand.

We have had a most excellent series of adventures, spending time with the best of people and seeing so much beauty while we struggled with adjusting to these New Zealand days lived12 hours ahead of our Belgian lives.

This morning, just as I was thinking I might shake off the lingering jetlag, I said yes to watching my niece at her ice-skating practice.  The one starting at 6am.  I had begged her, as it was something I had missed all these years spent in other places.

I set my alarm last night however instead of waking to it at 5.35am, I woke up at 4.45am.  Too early to get up, to late to go back to sleep in a good way.

So I got up.  I worked for a while in the quiet the morning until it was time to leave for that rather cold ice-skating rink where I had an enjoyable time, photographing my talented ice-skating niece and chatting with my sister and a couple of mums.

Actually, life was a bit of a cascade today.  We took my other most excellent niece to school, then had Gert's camera sensor cleaned before wandering Dunedin's main shopping street.  We met the lovely Mark for lunch out at the Starfish Cafe.  'The Mark' who, in a move that would have delighted Christine and Peter, snuck down and paid the bill while we were finishing our lunch upstairs.  I have the most remarkably kind and generous friends.

This afternoon I slipped away to my bed and was lying there, feeling wickedly lazy, when I remembered ...  but this is a holiday.

8.45pm and here I am, back in bed but blogging.  Trying to stay awake, just a little longer, in an attempt to normalise to New Zealand time once and for all.

Tomorrow's a quieter day ... or that's what we're planning.