I have a new laptop ... a Dell XPS Laptop

I have this new laptop and it has been a revelation in 21st century technology for me .... as I had no idea that photo-processing could be done at the speed of light. 

I have gone from my HP Pavilion dv2000, which started out life as a recall model that ran at boiling point, melted the second new battery invented to angle the base and allow extra air through, constantly required a cooling pad, and had a dodgy screen.  It was a laptop that had really just limped though this last year with multiple crashes and failing health.

Yesterday a fast and fabulous Dell XPS was delivered.  And no, they’re not paying me for this.

Frederika Flintstone is no longer pedalling the stone car ... Frederika is, in fact, flying a fighter jet at the speed of sound and is bemused by her wonder and awe.

Lorenzo Jovanotti is singing Bella as I write this ... it seems entirely bouncy and appropriate.