Colds, and the Ligurian Sea, Genova

Yesterday, we walked a million miles alongside the Ligurian Sea ...

Okay, those who know Corso Italia will know that walking from Boccadasse back to the city of Genova is just over 4kms however ... if you factor in my cold, the fact it was veryvery hot, and the glare of the sun which, while beautiful, was fairly intense without sunglasses, I think you will understand my claim of a million miles.

Actually, the first time I saw this sea, I was too long out of New Zealand and my eyes filled up with tears.  It’s my home away from home sea.  It’s the sea I love best in these days.

Meanwhile, my body is a bit mad with me.  I still have this stinkin’ cold ... probably because I didn’t take the Acetilcisteina EG medicine the pharmacist gave me ...  I can already hear my sister explaining why we should take medicines given.  My sister, Sandra, is a nurse and knows stuff about the why of drug relief.  Meanwhile I’m of the ‘read and flee it’ variety, specially if the contra-indications are grim.  Actually this drug seems to be an all-round good guy but who knows ...

Alternatively, I buy the medicine, as if an entirely responsible adult and seem to imagine that is enough.  Having it in the house, close by, voila ... ! 

Anyway, still feeling kind of miserable and messed up in the mornings ... I’ve just spent the last 30 minutes eating Clementines, blowing my nose and really kind of wishing I had started taking the Acetilcisteina EG all those days ago. 

The pharmacist said ‘10 days!’
I said, ‘You mean take it for 10 days?’
He said, ‘Yes, at the same time preferably.’  And I think he said something about before or after food too.

But, once upon a time, back in New Zealand, my lovely doctor did say that colds pass after 2 weeks with medicine, or last a fortnight without medicine. 

I’ll let you know ...