Moving + long crazy days = Chianti

It seems possible that this bird, photographed in a lovely park on the side of a hill in Portofino, had just read my appointments for the week diary ... hence the startled look on her face.

You see, this morning began at the rental agency, where Gert and I signed for the quirky house.  The one we can begin the interior repaint as of Tuesday.  The road will be long but hopefully worth it.  Then Jessie and I spent the rest of the day preparing our current apartment for possible new renters - to be read as, Jessie and I spent almost all day cleaning, scrubbing and dusting things.

I have agreed to take on an English student for a month, he arrived today and we mapped out how his sessions would go over the next 4 weeks.  He's the loveliest Turkish guy.

I checked in with the NGO, worked online for them and made plans to go in on Tuesday ... not Monday because I have an English lesson and then later, I’m being interviewed by a journalist.

Wednesday Diede and his family will call in on their way home from France. 

Thursday and Friday might be taken up by work in Brussels, as the NGO is moving office in the weeks ahead too.

So it seems wise, and not an altogether wicked idea, to invest in some chianti and at the end of each of the long days I see ahead of me, to plan on sitting back with a glass of red wine and working on this website of mine.  Jessie and I have some delicious surprises in store for readers in the weeks and months ahead.

Tot straks from Belgie.