Beautiful Things Found In These Days Of Searching For My Voice ... (it's coming)

A friend shared this article with me ... Why Some People Are Interesting And Engaging Storytellers.

And this, The Wanderlust Gene and Why Some People Are Born To Travel.

I watched Pane e Tulipa ... again, last night.  I love that Italian movie.

I thought this was interesting, How One Woman's Body Was Photoshopped To Meet 18 Different 'Ideal' Beauty Standards.

This may have made me giggle a little, as I shared it on Facebook.

My beautiful friend, Lisa Chiodo, shared some of her Italy.  I cannot recommend staying with her and Sam enough.  They are truly wonderful people living in Italy and opening their home to the world.

Moana Maniapoto wrote of the traditional Maori funeral here, and I loved how she captured it - Tangihanga - a dying tradition.

And this - Karanga Ra.  Sometimes I just play it up loud because somehow it takes me home. 

It's there on my playlist, between Tim Finn's, Parihaka - a song about the non-violent action preached and practiced by Māori prophets Te Whiti and Tohu at Parihaka in Taranaki forms one of the most compelling episodes in NZ’s 19th century history, as they resisted Pākehā confiscation of their land and home. Tim Finn was inspired to write this paean to the pair, after reading Dick Scott’s influential book Ask That Mountain. Band Herbs provide the accompaniment. Fane Flaws and cinematographer Alun Bollinger’s video was shot over a night at Auckland Art Gallery and takes Colin McCahon’s striking Parihaka triptych as its centrepiece.

Source: NZ on Screen.

And Little Bushman singing Peaceful Man.  Performed with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, it's the story of the peaceful Maori resistance leader, Te Whiti o Rongomai.

And then there was the poem!  Written by my exquisite friend butI need permission to share. I'll get back to you.  It's all about those days after my first divorce, when she was my soulmate and confidant.  There were beaches and long conversations, red wine and laughter.  And so much kindness. 

But that poem about those days ... I'll ask her.