Just a Small Note from December in Genova, Italy

the orb II.jpg

I found this new toy recently  ... 

I told myself all the reasons I shouldn't buy it, wandered the beautiful store for a while longer, then bought it.   I see hours of experimentation ahead of me.  

I was in bed early last night.  Tired, fighting the ongoing cold that seems always to hit me anytime from October on.  This year I was good until December.  This is round 2.  I'm over it in my head.  My nose, it's telling a different story.

I went to bed early last night, I woke at 5.18am.  I gave in and breakfasted.  My alarm goes at 6.31 am. 

To survive this 6 hour habit of mine, I have finally learned in this most marvelous trick for the weekends.  I get up when I wake, have breakfast, then go back to bed and sleep awhile.

It's a fairly serious ta-dah! moment for me.

Eating breakfast this morning, I started to research the distance between those destinations I'm traveling to in the months ahead.  By the time I return to Genova, I will have covered 36,000kms, at very least.  These were 'as the crow flies' numbers.

And so ... I'm bogged down in winter and having a cold, trying to pack for very different climates, and yes ... just trying to think of 'everything' that must be done before flying.  Oh, and in love with the music of Paolo Nutini.  This version of Candy, in particular.

I'll miss this city and its people.  I fell in love with Genova, Italy, way back in 2008.  The love has only deepened and, for the first time ever, I'm struggling to leave however, once I'm moving I'll be fine.  And friends have assured me that the city will be there when I return.

I bought this hat last year.  It's time.  More than time as I layer up on these colder mornings. 

Here I am, reflected in one of the ancient mirrors, in this place where I live.

winter hat of mine.jpg