The Days ...

The days continue to pass here in England.  I feel like I'm refining ... or perhaps, redefining, myself. 

I have rewritten my CV.  Mostly because it needed rewritten and after days of slaving, I am beginning to 'see' more of what I have achieved, and lived, and experienced.  It almost broke my mind trying to pull it all out, and there is more, but this is okay for the moment.   And I see that I've worked hard oftentimes but it has been fun too.  Some great adventures with extraordinary souls. 

And there I am, wanting to write somewhere on my CV, 'willing to learn'.  I'm always willing to learn, to study, to grow.

That has to go out sooner, rather than later.  I also spent time on LinkedIn, refining my profile there.  It's still not done but I have given a better idea of some of the truly sublime assignments I've done on this journey, so far.

I found a Sports Bar for the Rugby World Cup game, between New Zealand and France, last night.  It was stunning.  I felt like I had the privilege of seeing a new rugby legend emerge.  Julian Savea's performance won't be forgotten for a long time ...

There's a link to some video at the bottom of the article I linked to above, under the rave reviews that have gone down.  62-13!!  The game was exquisite last night.  It did my heart good after so long away from this scene.

Ravings aside ... Andy took me over to visit a local Antique store yesterday.  What an amazing place.  Multiple floors, at least 34 rooms ... more perhaps.  Here's a small glimpse.  It was divine.