This Genovese Life of Mine ...

I'm finding my feet here, slowly but surely ... and learning so much along the way.

Summer is approaching at speed.  Yesterday was our first really hot day.  And this morning, I was up early and out wandering with my camera, as my early morning appointment was cancelled.

I am learning, much as I would like to be 'normal' and that as much as it sometimes pains me not to be ... I'm not missing possessions, the responsibility of a home, and the people in it.  I am learning to walk alone and enjoy the feeling of it.

That said, I have the best flatmates ever.  There's no exaggeration in this statement.  They make me laugh most days.  They are kind, they are wise, and I adore them.  I feel so very fortunate to be here, in this place, with Paolo & Fabio.

They have a terrace and, last night after a long day, I slipped out here for dinner alone.  The Swallows are back, and they were filling the warm evening air with the sound of their happy squealing, as they flew overhead while I read and ate.

It's not always easy here but I love it.  The city makes me happy, in some small way, every single day.  I'm so glad I risked it.  I was terrified when I moved here but felt I had nothing left to lose ... and it seems, if this quiet happiness is anything to go by, I had everything to gain.  I just didn't realise.

But I must work.  Just to let you know, all is good here in this beautiful Ligurian city called Genova, and with that New Zealand woman called Di.