Today's Surrey Adventure...

Today's adventure was slightly epic ... on a very tiny epic-measuring scale but still, I was catching the Chatterbus all the way to Weybridge.  Off the map of my known world ... many stops down the road.

I was heading for M & S in Brooklands.  I needed socks.  But perfect-in-every-way socks. I was also curious to see precisely what an M&S store was like.   What did they sell?

I found my socks, almost immediately and then curious, I took the escalator and ended up in the lingerie section where I had this most divine realisation that, after surviving so many months with just one bra (washing it in the evenings), I could maybe buy another. 

The prices seemed good in M&S.  Back in Belgium, I had required 60 euros per item, or so I was told.  However as I looked around I understood I had not a clue where to start.  Lingerie sections have long been places of mystery for me.   I never remember the numbers involved and go there as rarely as is possible.  It was the Belgian bloke who had organised me into visiting them ... once a year for those 10 years.

I looked around for help after wandering through their really large selection, and was so fortunate to find the lingerie specialist, Tracey Jones.  She made time for me, took me under her wing, and talked me through it.

She only needed to hand me maybe 3 bras before she found the one I wanted to keep.  The one I wanted 6 more of:-)  For just 18 pounds!!!  I splashed out,  I bought two.  I'm thinking about buying a couple more.  Surviving so long with just one was silly. 

Honestly, if you live in the area and need a bra, you cannot go wrong with Tracey, at Marks & Spencer, helping you :-)  I was so veryvery grateful to her. 

Do know that normally you would need to make an appointment for a fitting.  I was incredibly fortunate today.

Since then Roscoe and I have walked in the woods and that chocolate brown Labrador is now asleep at my feet here.  I've found a hairdresser, I meet her on Saturday, recommended by the most marvelous Becky.  Here's to Vikki tidying me up a bit.  It's been more than a year, I think, since my hair was last done by a professional.  I feel like one of those Merino sheep that escape and head for the hills, back in New Zealand.  They become all wild and woolly.  

So yes, I'm tidying up ... after some time spent out in the wilderness.

And now, for a complete change of subject.  I photographed these guys ... playing, the other day.  I hope to take the camera back for more.  They were superb and honestly, no one was hurt.  It was just like the wrestling shows on tv ...