Tim Finn, Bush Hall, London ... YES, Really!!

Sunday night and I was there, at Bush Hall in London, enjoying a New Zealand musician I've spent most of my life listening to.  Teresa Walsh, my friend and hostess during these crazy beautiful days here in London, organised a most magical evening.

Tim Finn is a New Zealand icon.  I decided this as I stood there enjoying his voice, his piano and guitar-playing skills, his stamina ... himself.  It was hot there in Bush Hall.  Really hot.  But nothing mattered really. 

Then he told the story of my favourite song ... Parihaka.  I was rapt.  He has so many songs but he performed the one I love best.  It was magical. 

The evening was lovely for all kinds of other reasons too.  We sat next to a lovely Welsh guy at dinner, before the concert.  A fan we knew ... he was wearing the tee-shirt.  Then just before we headed out, a lovely Australian family sat down on the other side and we chatted.  Then there was the English man I was standing next to at the concert.  He'd first seen Tim perform back in the 70s. 

It was a divine evening.  Magical.  Delicious.

You know ...

Today has been a busy day and all I had in my head was Parihaka.