The Walking Cure ...

I have a to-do list that is a million miles long and so it is difficult to feel like I am getting anywhere with it ... but I think I am.

And so perhaps it was no surprise that, yesterday, I had to time myself out of life for a while.  It's intense out here.  Along with the joy, there's always going to be the small crashes ... big ones too.  Those moments when life simply overwhelms me.

I took the walking cure, making my way down to my favourite church here in Genova ... Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena.  Just for a while, I love the peace I find there.  And the beauty.

At some point I saw the light ... mmmhmm, and pointed my camera in the direction of it.  The photograph above is the result.  No editing.

I was still a little 'off' when I woke up this morning and so we went wandering again, my camera and I. 

I decided to take the funicular, up to Righi, after wandering the city a while.  I had a small glass of white wine when I arrived at the top, and studied my book on Genova, trying not to smell the divine lunches being served up around me.

And then, following an impulse, I chose to walk back down that rather steep hill to the city, on this very hot day, without a map ... as you do.  I was only lost for a while. I arrived at Castelletto and had no idea where I was. 

There are always kind people here in the city.  They discussed my problem and they showed me the bus stop ... I did the last of the downhill courtesy of AMT, the bus company here. 

Tonight's meal was simple.  Fresh tomatoes and garlic, from the tiny fruit and vegetable shop down on the main road, and pasta from a box of goodies I was gifted.  It was perfect.  No more mass-produced pasta sauces for me.  I'm a convert.  It seems anyone can whip up a simple little pasta sauce, here in Italy.  Even me.  Which reminds me, I must buy myself a mortar and pestle, as soon as I'm employed.

Tonight the balcony door is still open, it's so warm, and I'm thinking of staying up for the meteor shower.  I'm not sure.  I need to get myself into a rhythm now ... of working and walking in this beautiful city; that city once known as La Superba.