A Wild Ride ...

The Esplanade.jpg

It’s been a wild few months of ‘should I stay or should I go?

Leaving Genova … difficult for me to even begin to contemplate.

I was wanting to stay but suspecting I needed to go home for a while, to sort out my life … find my feet, and work out how to go forward in life, as opposed to simply reacting and problem-solving as each wee crisis unfolded.

And so I booked my flight after those weeks spent living in Switzerland. I booked and had buyer’s regret every day afterwards.

Finally the day came; a 5.30am taxi, a 12.40 Singapore Airlines flight, a 12 hour stopover in Singapore … and onwards.

I left Genova on a Monday, and arrived in New Zealand on a Wednesday.

For those hours and days, the journey was the destination, and I loved it. And then I was home again. And that old and familiar world closed round me, making me wonder if I had ever actually left … as happens.

Tomorrow, I will have been ‘home’ for a week. I’m driving Dad’s car, I’m applying for jobs, I have my cafe … aka, my office, and my friends are all there. We’re catching up. That’s grand.

So begins another chapter. One that involves me getting back here on my website. Back into photography. And hopefully, into a wee cottage someplace on the Peninsula.

Jess and Sahara flew home a month before me. We’re all together again.

Christmas in New Zealand this year.