Today ...

This morning has been breakfast in a quiet kitchen accompanied by the noisy purr of Peri, the cat.  She is also a stray.

My coffee machine is back in Belgium, holidaying at the home of my daughter.  I can't begin to tell you how much I miss my morning espresso sometimes.  Other times I feel pure about drinking tap water again.  Instead of plateen brood toasted and slathered in peach jam, I eat bagels with raspberry jam.  Instead of cleaning up and doing the dishes, I load the dishwasher here.

It's so very different.  And quieter.

This morning is all about rewriting my CV to showcase all I have done in my working life, and in doing so, make me an attractive employee.  My skills are many and varied and so it's all about lining them up in a way that is lucid and marketable.

I am unused to this.  It used to be about stepping back and letting my photography speak for itself however the future may need to be about more than the photography.

I went wandering through the zoo, with Miss 11, before leaving Belgium.  We found these guys, just hanging out there, together.