Saying Goodbye ...

I remember ... trying to be too much in the world or, perhaps, of the world while my dog companion of so many years was dying.

I had Sandie for 15 years.  She was old for a long time and she was a soul-mate of mine.  One of the best.  I carried her on and off our beloved beaches for another year after she couldn't walk up and down the dunes or along those pathways that led to the sea.

Perhaps I kept her alive too long, I really don't know but I still remember the day the vet 'put her to sleep'.  Sandie dog wasn't ready.  Nor was I. 

I had been planning to bury her alone but I arrived at my Dad's, my dog dead in my arms, crying so hard that I couldn't speak.

Dad said, 'Oh Annie', and then he set to work, digging a massive hole, deep into the clay under his vegetable garden, while I sat there with Sandie dog in my arms.  I wrapped her up in my big old woollen jersey then Dad and I said goodbye to her.

She was my best friend ... for a very long time.

I loved this story of Denali.  So much.