Photography Workshops - One-Hour, One-Day, A Weekend or Customised

The photography lessons fluidly led from detailed descriptions to anecdotes and to stories of Genova. At first, it all seemed a blur of ISO, F-stops and trying to sort out what aperture numbers really meant but then it all came together.

Suddenly I could control the settings on my camera to make the spouts of water long and smooth or stop the action where it felt you could see the drops of water. Just by turning a dial. And it worked. And it made sense. My camera, I am pleased to say, has only been back to the Automatic setting a few times since I’ve returned. I’ve still got so much to learn, but after only a weekend with Di I feel like I am on my way.'

Laura, Client & Blogger, Ciao Amalfi

I spent years trying to learn how to really use my camera.  I had many people explain the technicalities but it never worked out.  I came to understand that I don't learn by reading a manual, nor having things explained to me.  I need hands-on experience, with a guide to take me through the process.  I need to see the result ... the consequences of what changing a camera setting can do.  I need to work through and test the difference between how using shutter speed gives one effect and aperture another.

Back in those days when I was a student, a teacher using any of those technical terms would panic me.  And so I failed to learn over those years when I belonged to camera clubs and took lessons. And I felt so stupid.

Fast-forward to Europe, where I found a teacher who understood my way of learning and voila, I got it.  Finally I understood how my camera work and was able to step into my passion and work in the industry.

And I want to share that.  I have created a series of packages, to suit your learning style, your availability or your budget.

One-Hour Tutorials:  during these sessions we can work on any areas where you feel you need extra tuition.  You can choose the day and the time, where possible, and we'll spend that time just working on your chosen topic.

Full-Day Workshops: 8 hours of theory, mixed with practice.  We do all I teach, using lesson plans from my photography workbook.  Included in the fee, this allows you to go over each lesson in your own time.

Weekend Workshops: Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday, it's all about photography, and wandering some.  Small groups mean help as required for each individual.  Saturday night is night-shoot night.  

Customised Workshops:  let me know what you particularly want to learn or, tell me how much time you have, and we'll work on creating a workshop that services your photographic needs.




2-5 day Workshops

I prefer to work with small groups of 3-4 people, and so you might want to bring together a group of your friends and plan your trip according to dates that work for you.  Just get in touch with me to check dates and prices.

Included in the price, to list a handful of delights:

  • Accommodation - 6 nights in Genova

  • Transport costs to workshop locations.

  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner each day.

  • A truly special Ligurian lunch, at my favourite restaurant here in the city

  • Gelato-tasting

  • Beer and wine tastings, as options.  Let me know

  • Speciality stores, cafes and confectionary factories, famous amongst local people. 

  • All learning materials and tuition during the workshop.

Not included:

  • Personal travel, and transfers to and from Genoa

  • Travel insurance

  • Aperitivo, morning and afternoon teas while out.

  • Meals where you wander off alone.  Free-time is optional always.

Prices include all taxes.

To book or ask for more information, please use the form below.

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Retreats can be booked individually or in groups of up to six. There is a discounted rate for group bookings.