My name is Di Mackey,  I'm a professional photographer, a New Zealander living in an Italian city called Genova.  Of all the places I have lived, from New Zealand, through Turkey, Belgium, the UK, Germany and now Italy ... when I was finally free to choose, I chose Genova, Italy.

I was that girl below, the little girl on the gate, who was forever climbing out to escape.  But Genova captured me way back in 2008, and the passion I feel for this city has only deepened over the years.  I've found a place I want to call home.  

Per sempre.

me II.jpg

As a photographer, I've been able to pack my career and take it with me, where ever I've lived.  It's a job that is so much more than a way to earn money.  It's a passion  ... a profession that has gifted me some magnificent adventures and the opportunity to slip into peoples lives during some truly special moments.

I have shot weddings in Spain, France, England, Germany and Belgium.  Covered events in Berlin, Cairo, on Flanders Fields, in Brussels, Antwerp, Norway, Istanbul, and in Genova too.  I have worked with actors, musicians, politicians, journalists, curators, artists, and covered events in small Italian villages, and kids birthday parties too ...

I love life, I enjoy people, and capturing those everyday moments in other peoples lives, in places not my own, satisfies me in a way nothing else does.  I love what I do.

So here I am, 18,551 kms from my first home, exploring this ancient city and finding something new and beautiful every single day.