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I have been taking photographs since I was 10 years old. I have been a professional photographer for the last 17 years.

Photography is all about the attempt to capture the moment, via light & emotions, for me.   It's a passion  ... a profession that has gifted me some magnificent adventures and the opportunity to slip into peoples lives during some truly special moments.

I live in Genova, Italy. 

I have lived in New Zealand, Turkey, and Belgium, with time spent in Germany, Egypt, Norway, the Cook Islands, the UK, the US, Spain, and France but I fell in love with Genova and relocated to there in 2016.

Genova is the perfect city.  It has one of the oldest intact medieval centers, it's full of secret alleyways and ancient palaces, cradled between the sea and the mountains, and it has been there for 2,000 years.

This is where I am, 18,551 kms from home, exploring an ancient city and finding something new and beautiful every single day.