What I want to offer, on these photography workshops in Genova, is an experience like no other.

It's all about slipping behind-the-scenes in this ancient Italian city.  It's about exploring the places only known to locals ... in small groups.  It's about meeting the Genovese and learning something of their way of life.  

And photography, of course.  I want to show how to use your camera, hands-on, without slipping into highly technical talk.  To invite you to explore your way of seeing the world, and to own it, as yours.

I'm a professional photographer,  a career I've been able to pack and take with me, where ever I've lived.  It's a job that is so much more ... a profession that has gifted me some magnificent adventures and the opportunity to slip into peoples lives during some truly special moments.

I have shot weddings in Spain, France, England, Germany and Belgium.  Covered events in Berlin, Cairo, on Flanders Fields, in Brussels, Antwerp, and Istanbul, and in Genova too.  I have worked with actors, musicians, journalists, curators, artists, the military, to name a few.

But my passion is all about working with women, guiding them as they discover their own particular way of seeing and capturing the world.   I want people to know, that anyone can take photographs.  And that they should feel confident in their way of seeing ... 

Laura Thayer, Blogger at Ciao Amalfi, wrote of working with me:  The photography lessons fluidly led from detailed descriptions to anecdotes and to stories of Genova. At first, it all seemed a blur of ISO, F-stops and trying to sort out what aperture numbers really meant but then it all came together.

Suddenly I could control the settings on my camera to make the spouts of water long and smooth or stop the action where it felt you could see the drops of water. Just by turning a dial. And it worked. And it made sense. My camera, I am pleased to say, has only been back to the Automatic setting a few times since I’ve returned. I’ve still got so much to learn, but after only a weekend with Di I feel like I am on my way.'

Our accommodation is located in a 16th century palazzo, built on Roman foundations, with an interior that has stayed true to an older-style Italy.  It is situated on one of the most beautiful streets in the city.  

Your B&B hosts, Paolo and Fabio, are truly delightful and will do all in their power to make your stay enjoyable. 

A recent customer to the palazzo wrote:

Oh, yes. And: more, please . . .”

Well now. You are in for a treat. The location is great — at the back of the fourth floor of a genuine palazzo, on a pedestrianized street in the city centre. There is a tiny, typical Italian apartment-block lift — wood and brass and slow and big enough for two.
The breakfast is genuinely exceptional — for us, there were just-in-season strawberries and kumquats, the best of focaccia (the real Genoese thing) and brioche and prosciutto and coffee made in one of those aluminium stove top things I can never remember the proper name of.
The bed linen is lovely. The beds are old but modernised. The bathrobes would tempt some towards larceny.
The real delight, though, is Fabio and Paolo. They are the most wonderful of hosts, chatty if you want it, discrete if you don’t. (As British Airways cabin crew, I guess they are used to dealing with everything from grumpiness to terror.) There is gossip, a terrace and genuinely old old old frescoes on the toilet ceiling. Advice on where to eat and where to visit is given lightly but authoritatively.
We were there at the very start of the season so we were the only guests but we did get to meet the New Zealander lodger (female, with a rich history of marriages made and unmade) and the history professor (male, Monday nights only, during term time).
It really is like entering a family — well, one curated by, say, Pedro Almodovar.
Don’t say you weren’t promised.

  • Stayed April 2017, traveled as a couple

Explore the interior in the photographs that follow ...

Included in our behind-the-scenes exploring, we have a variety of options, limited only by time.  There is Ligurian, and Genovese, food to taste  ... in my favourite places here in the city,  There is  ancient chocolate factory where 18th century equipment is still used.  There are markets - fruit & vegetable, fish and antiques too.  Live music, the Italian Rivieria., and a range of museums that might blow your mind.   It's a city with a constant stream of superb exhibitions.  We'll see what's on when you're here.

We have to much to taste and drink and explore.  So let's talk about how you want me to tailor this experience to fit with your interests.

It's Genova.  Everything is possible.  Just ask me.

I prefer to work with small groups of 3-4 women, and so you might want to bring together a group of your friends and plan your trip according to dates that work for you.  Just get in touch with me to check dates and prices.

Included in the price:

  • Accommodation - 6 nights in the exquisite Genoese B&B, with hosts I simply adore.

  • Selected meals that will be listed.

  • Dinner up is the hills above Genova, overlooking both the Ligurian Sea and the city.

  • All learning materials and tuition during the workshop.

Not included:

  • Personal travel, and transfers to and from Genoa

  • Travel insurance

  • Some meals, wine, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages not specifically mentioned in the itinerary.

Prices include all taxes.

To book or ask for more information, please use the form below.

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Retreats can be booked individually or in groups of up to six. There is a discounted rate for group bookings.